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Commercial After Effects Plugins


         means recently added.

                means that the software is available for the Macintosh.

                means that the software is available for Windows.

      *** means very useful

      ** means useful

      * means less useful

      No star means that I haven't tested it yet.


  • DDR/AE Plug-in: Integrates Accom digital disk recorders (DDRs) directly into the After Effects production environment


  • Adaptive De-Interlacing: For mixing video interlaced images with progessive scan CG or film
  • Anti-Aliaser: A versatile and powerful technique for De-Interlacing and Post-Processing
  • Frame Rate Conversion: For Accurate and Reliable Frame Rate Conversion Between SDTV, HDTV and Film Formats
  • Content Adaptive Scaling: For exceptional up/down Scaling of CG, SDTV, HDTV or Film Formats
  • Dynamic Noise Reducer: For stuning Gaussian Noise reduction
  • MPEG Noise Reducer: For cleaning up any DCT based compressed image

Automatic Duck

  • Pro Import: Imports OMF compositions from Avid or Final Cut Pro

Big FX

  • FilmFX: Get the expensive look of film on a video budget

Boris FX

  • Text Scrambler: Randomize or scramble text or text styles
  • Title Crawl: Create automated roll or crawl animation
  • Vector Shape: Build shapes for text backdrops and vector graphic elements
  • Vector Text: Create text with animatable borders, fill, softness, and shadows

Buena Software

  • Effect Essentials: Contains 10 video effect plug-ins


  • Conoa 3D: A 3D raytracing plug-in
  • Conoa Cube: An inexpensive subset of Conoa 3D. Any media may be applied independently to the six faces of the cube
  • Conoa Sphere: An inexpensive subset of Conoa 3D. Any media may be applied to a sphere


  • TVzeka: Preview your compositions on TV using an ordinary graphics card with a TV-out option.


  • Diaquest DDR: Integrates digital disk recorders (DDRs) directly into the After Effects production environment


  • Aurorix: A set of updated 26 cool special effects filters
  • Berserk: A pack of 20 award-winning special effects plug-ins
  • CineLook: Creates the look of film for any video footage
  • CineMotion: A set of 10 plug-ins that allows you to take any video footage
  • Delirium: A set of more than 46 plug-ins


  • Fractal Flow: Advanced image distortion, ripple, and wave effects

Digital Anarchy

  • 3D Assistants Pro: Set down keyframes for geometric shapes and arrangements
  • Anarchy Toolbox: Creates a variety of sophisticated effects
  • Color Theory Pro: A digital color wheel that will find color combinations for any project at hand
  • Geomancy: Creates geometric shapes and lines
  • Gradient!: Gives you unprecedented control to create 16-bit, 6-color gradients
  • Text Anarchy: Speeds up text animation

Digital Element

  • Aurora Sky: Creates skies and clouds
  • Aurora Water: Creates circular waves, add reflections, refraction, volumetric light rays and submerged objects; simulates all water types, from ponds to oceans

Digital Film Tools

  • 55mm: Simulates popular glass camera filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, matte generation, exacting color correction as well as natural light and photographic effects
  • Composite Suite: Includes 28 visual effects plug-ins
  • Digital Film Lab: Simulates a variety of film looks, popular glass camera filters, specialized lenses and optical lab processes
  • zMatte: Creats blue and green screen composites


  • eFX Pyro: A 3D fire and smoke simulation plug-in


  • AFX2QTL: Allows you to import and export single frames or sequences directly from a Quantel device via Ethernet
  • AFX2VPB: Allows you to import and export Quantel VPB files

Forge Technology

  • FreeForm 2.0: Provides a true 3D design environment for individual layers

The Foundry

  • Tinderbox 1-3: Image processing plug-ins

Framestore CFC

  • Keylight: For blue or greenscreen compositing


  • flAIR: A set of eight fast high quality filters
  • Lenscare: Consists of two separate plugins. One is a fast version to simulate camera blurs with constant radii. The other one is to create sophisticated depth of field effects.


  • Average: A superb color effect tool to create stunning grayscale effects
  • Blurred: Creates Blur/jarred effects
  • Inverse: Color effect plugin to create inverted or negative video effects
  • Limits: Stunning color threshold/color cut off effects applied to video
  • Opburst: Apply amazing gradient color bursts across your image
  • Opdots: Dots effects great for shadowy or textured effects in any image
  • Opdotty: A variant of the opdots plugin, creates a different range of unusual dotty effects
  • Oplined: Color lined/line effects applied to video
  • OpLines: Apply lines across your image, changing the color, the density, the warping of the lines, creating some really weird surreal line effects in moments
  • OpRings: Color rings/interference patterns applied to current layer
    Posters: Subtle posterization/color reducing effects to unusual posterization effects applied to video
  • Solar: Solarization and other color effects


  • ViZfx: Provides more than 30 special effects

Media 100

  • Final Effects Complete: A dynamic and essential set of over 100 software plug-in filters and transitions that generates Hollywood-style special effects


  • Scopo Gigio: A full-featured video waveform monitor and vectorscope plug-in

Multimedia Lap

  • AddEffets: Creats high-end 3D and 2D digital video effects
  • MotionKey: Simplifies video compositing by enabling you to extract virtually any object from one video clip and place it into another


  • Anima Text: Different effects with text.
  • Anima Text 3D: Different effects with volume 3D text.
  • Array- Creats backgrounds. Includes 4 filters: Array, Digital Matrix, Digital Chaos and Digital Galaxy.
  • Curtains: Art up you video with eye-catching dynamic pieces of fabric
  • Engraver: Cuts through images with thin lines that will form a geometric pattern
  • Figure: Creats common flat and 3D figures
  • Fire: Realistic burning effects
  • Grid: Creats common regular grids
  • Lens Pro: Realistic lenses and 3D-crystals as well as crystalline 3D-models
  • Rich Typing: Effects for titles. Includes 3 filters: Rich Typing, Digitalizer and Morphing
  • Rulers: Art up your video with various types of scales, clock-type dials, rulers and more
  • Tools: Includes 10 different filters for some interesting video effects


  • Primatte S-100: For ultra-precise matte-control bluescreen/greenscreen compositing

Pixelan Software

  • SpiceMaster 2: Powerfully animates and customizes 500+ award-winning soft/organic transitions
  • Video SpiceRack: More than 300 broadcast-quality transitions and dynamic mattes

Profound Effects

  • Swim: A distortion/refraction style effect
  • Useful Assistants: A powerful automation tool
  • Useful Things: More than 140 effects that create motion graphics

Red Giant Software

  • Composite Wizard: Allows you to automate color-correction effects, blur or feather edge borders, and clean up unwanted artifacts.
  • Image Lounge: Use these filters to add fresh style, distotion effects or animated text to your designs
  • Knoll Light Factory 2: 22-filter set that makes everything from twinkling stars to photon torpedoes
  • Magic Bullet Suite 1.2: A set of five plug-ins that lets you master 24p video:
    • Magic Bullet: Produces unmatched results for film and video output by de-interlacing, de-artifacting, and frame-rate converting DV to create a 24p (or 25/30p) master
    • Look Suite: Select from more than 30 preset "looks"
    • Broadcast Spec: Precisely fix out-of-range colors so all of your material conforms to broadcast specifications.
    • Opticals: Allows you to create film-like dissolves
    • Letterboxer: Crop your video to the right aspect ratio from 16 by 9 to Panavision widescreen
  • Primatte Keyer 1.5: Allows you to select foreground or background areas of your images and reduce edge spill and transparency problems

RE:Visions FX

  • RE:Fill: Mends holes in images by intelligently filling user-specified regions
  • RE:Flex: Creates visually stunning morphs and warps with an easy-to-use interface
  • FieldsKit: Provides smarter deinterlacing and more workflow options for interlacing and pulldown
  • ReelSmart Motion Blur: Automatically tracks every pixel in a sequence and blurs based on calculated motion
  • Shade/Shape: Turns 2D elements into 3D rendered artwork
  • Twixtor: Intelligently slows down, speeds up and frame rate converts image sequences
  • SmoothKit: Provides the ultimate toolset to smooth your imagery by combining user-directed controls and feature-sensitive methods
  • Video Gogh: Turns your pictures and videos into painted works of art
Sakurai Optical Lab
  • FinalFocus: Breathes real life into video compositions that tend to look artificial
  • IrisFilter 4: A virtual camera plug-in software that realizes the true representation of depth of field and Bokeh (out-of-focus) in digital images


  • smartGIF: Takes the labor out of saving Web-ready images

Sonic Engineeing

  • Anbience Extractor: Enhances the stereo imaging of mono or stereo sound, making it feel open, alive, and spacious


  • MovingPicture: Makes smooth pans and zooms on hi-res stills.


  • 3D Stroke: Create a world of organic shapes and make the camera fly trough them
  • Lux: Renders visible light for all point and spot lights in a scene
  • Shine: Ultra-fast light ray effect with many options
  • Sound Keys: Make your animations move with audio
  • Starglow: Ultra-fast star shaped glow on highlights


  • AdvantEdge: Combines multiple frame images

Visual Infinity

  • Grain Surgery: A set of intelligent noise manipulation tools for film and digital images


  • ViviClip Video Filters: Add quick selective color correction and other enhancement tools to reduce noise and legalize for broadcast

Vivid Visual Effects

  • VVfx Bump Mapper: Turn your image or video layer into bas relief lit by a point of light

Walker Effects

  • Basic Edition
    • Alpha Tool: Control or create alpha channels with advanced options
    • Channel Viewer: Display and work with a multitude of color channels
    • Color Fill: Apply color directly to layers with built-in color picking
    • Color Composite: Create specific color corrections with mattes and masks

  • Designer Edition
    • Channel Offset: Individually transform channels to create cool effects
    • Color Space: Convert to and from a wide variety of color models
    • Colorize: Quickly apply custom and preset color schemes to layers
    • Crazy Stripes: Instantly generate cool, flowing stripes from any image
    • Gradient Designer: Design custom gradients with superb control and flexibility
    • Stargate: Produce awesome moving landscapes from any image

  • Professional Edition
    • Channel Composite: Manipulate image channels with advanced features
    • Channel Lighting: Control 3D lighting in 2D to get incredible lighting flexibility
    • Channel Noise: Apply random noise to images with individual channel controls
    • Channel Range: Isolate specific channel regions for keying and transitions
    • Composite: Combine layers together with advanced compositing options
    • Fast Tracker: Generate motion data from 3D renders
    • Glow: Create beautiful glowing effects with built-in colorizing
    • Light Wrap: Bloom background light around foreground objects


  • Invigorator: Brings big-time 3D titles and logos to your work+



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